Friday, August 19, 2011


The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Our protest group holds up hand made signs, and stands up on a busy day, on a busy corner, where much of the traffic riding by gets a small dose of our opinions. If they agree, they can honk their horns!

Protesting was thought by some as an illigal activity, once, even the police had to consult their chief, only to find out that this is indeed a free country, and protesting government is legal, and protected by our constitution.

We have given equal attention to both Republican 'regimes' as well as Democratic 'regimes', with our anti-war signs.

This new year we joined with thousands of teachers, firemen, police, and other groups supporting union rights, and giving the ole thumbs down to our govenor. Who by the way needs a miracle to get himself re-elected.

Tax The Rich!

I'm no expert economist, but then neither do I charge for this information, it is my somewhat educated opinion, I woulden't mind hearing yours, there is a place for comments below, and if you arn't mean or abusive, I welcome your opinion,

Before I retired, I owned a business, all the tax breaks in the world woulden't cause me to hire any more employee's than I needed to do the job. But of course, I appreciated getting all the breaks I could.

The rich need to pay their fair share of taxes, many don't pay any taxes at all, some pay less than their hired help!

Our country need's to keep our nuclear plants strong, when I wrote this post, there was a small earthquake in Mineral VA that caused 4 Nuclear plants to close down, suddenly we are so aware of the bad shape our plants are in, and when they were last inspected.

Everyone must work together to get Americans back on tract, than that means a fair tax for all.

Extra Tax On Out-sourceing Corporations!

We can tailor the tax code to encourage those companys which have most if not all of their employees in forign countries, lets tax the tee total hell out of them.

Those companies with all their employees in America, can go tax free, they will be in better shape to compete with the 'outsourcer's'.they can even get some 'corporate Welfare!'

Most companies fall somewhere in the middle, and they could be taxed on what percentage of forign employee's they have.

Also they should not be polluting eithor our Country, or any other Country.

Regulate them at least as much as American companies in America.

Massive Stimulus!

We need a massive stimulus, to put people to work, while corporations are coming back to this country, and they will when they are hurting enough 'over there'.

In the meantime, we can repair our nuclear plants, rebuild the electrical grids, get every state a power plant to reduce the electrical bills of our people. Solar energy! Bridges, roads, high speed rail's, and, and, we shoulden't be allowed to have a war, unless all war supplies are made in this country. That could stop the killing! Give Americans Jobs, and make our Country more secure!

Coal can be mined underground with frequent safty measures, and inspections. Mountain top mining destroys the future, and makes the area desolate for our children. We all have an obligation to our future, the most profitable way is often the most abusive to our enviroment.

Write National Vote Fraud Laws!

Lets all have look alike and instructive ballots. Our national elections, well financed by local and national goverment. having a standard individule contribution.

The main reason we have so much vote fraud going on, is because they can get away with it!

Since when should forign countries be allowed to influence our elections, or corporations be designated as people, ... One American person, One Vote.

Employ additional people to verify the election results. They could be selected by the canidates, even family members or friends. Our country used to help third world countries to have an honest election, now we need help ourselves.

No 'Balanced Budget!

I took a nap today, 8/23/11, woke up an hour later, and 'All Hell had broken lose!' A chain reaction to a little 5.9 earthquake in Mineral Va, managed to endanger 4 Nuclear plants, some of which should have been replaced 20 years ago. This little earthquake was felt as far north as Mass. and as far south as Atlanta.

I was so glad that we resisted the pressure to 'balence the budget', a country cannot be run like one would run a household, we will never know if we will need any given amount for emergencys, maybe millions, or multi billions, or weather we will need to borrow from other countries, or even print more money. As I write this, a Hurricane is headed my way, this too could be more expensive than 'Andrew' or just a 'breeze', the purpose of government is to protect the people.

In fact one could judge the morals of any country by the way that country treat's its Seniors, Disabled, and Animals.

This is MY Country, not just to critize, but to do all that I can to make it a better place for most of us.

We certainly do not need to tie our haqnds to a 'balenced budget' we need to be free to help our people in any emergency.

Take The Pledge!

Make a pledge to get the manufacturing jobs back, to tax fairly, to improve the life of all Americans, give details and get all who will to sign this pledge, have an army of pledge signer's from all branches of government, standing behind our president!

Voter's vote for those who will sign the pledge! Vote for those who will represent your interests, because what is good for most of the people, is good for all the people.

Business need's customers, customers need jobs. Infrastucture needs workers.

We are all in this economy together. We must all cooperate together to solve this problem.

I will take the pledge, and I will vote for those who take the pledge!