Friday, August 19, 2011

Massive Stimulus!

We need a massive stimulus, to put people to work, while corporations are coming back to this country, and they will when they are hurting enough 'over there'.

In the meantime, we can repair our nuclear plants, rebuild the electrical grids, get every state a power plant to reduce the electrical bills of our people. Solar energy! Bridges, roads, high speed rail's, and, and, we shoulden't be allowed to have a war, unless all war supplies are made in this country. That could stop the killing! Give Americans Jobs, and make our Country more secure!

Coal can be mined underground with frequent safty measures, and inspections. Mountain top mining destroys the future, and makes the area desolate for our children. We all have an obligation to our future, the most profitable way is often the most abusive to our enviroment.

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