Friday, August 19, 2011


The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Our protest group holds up hand made signs, and stands up on a busy day, on a busy corner, where much of the traffic riding by gets a small dose of our opinions. If they agree, they can honk their horns!

Protesting was thought by some as an illigal activity, once, even the police had to consult their chief, only to find out that this is indeed a free country, and protesting government is legal, and protected by our constitution.

We have given equal attention to both Republican 'regimes' as well as Democratic 'regimes', with our anti-war signs.

This new year we joined with thousands of teachers, firemen, police, and other groups supporting union rights, and giving the ole thumbs down to our govenor. Who by the way needs a miracle to get himself re-elected.

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