Friday, August 19, 2011

Tax The Rich!

I'm no expert economist, but then neither do I charge for this information, it is my somewhat educated opinion, I woulden't mind hearing yours, there is a place for comments below, and if you arn't mean or abusive, I welcome your opinion,

Before I retired, I owned a business, all the tax breaks in the world woulden't cause me to hire any more employee's than I needed to do the job. But of course, I appreciated getting all the breaks I could.

The rich need to pay their fair share of taxes, many don't pay any taxes at all, some pay less than their hired help!

Our country need's to keep our nuclear plants strong, when I wrote this post, there was a small earthquake in Mineral VA that caused 4 Nuclear plants to close down, suddenly we are so aware of the bad shape our plants are in, and when they were last inspected.

Everyone must work together to get Americans back on tract, than that means a fair tax for all.

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