Friday, August 19, 2011

No 'Balanced Budget!

I took a nap today, 8/23/11, woke up an hour later, and 'All Hell had broken lose!' A chain reaction to a little 5.9 earthquake in Mineral Va, managed to endanger 4 Nuclear plants, some of which should have been replaced 20 years ago. This little earthquake was felt as far north as Mass. and as far south as Atlanta.

I was so glad that we resisted the pressure to 'balence the budget', a country cannot be run like one would run a household, we will never know if we will need any given amount for emergencys, maybe millions, or multi billions, or weather we will need to borrow from other countries, or even print more money. As I write this, a Hurricane is headed my way, this too could be more expensive than 'Andrew' or just a 'breeze', the purpose of government is to protect the people.

In fact one could judge the morals of any country by the way that country treat's its Seniors, Disabled, and Animals.

This is MY Country, not just to critize, but to do all that I can to make it a better place for most of us.

We certainly do not need to tie our haqnds to a 'balenced budget' we need to be free to help our people in any emergency.

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